Visionary „State of the Art“-engineering is coupled with advanced technologies. This is why the INVICTUS has that unique magic of opulence, sophistication, dynamism and quality. The INVICTUS turntable, which took no less than three years to develop, is the result of intensive research and development work at the ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE-Manufaktur. A total of 479 components, assembled individually and by hand, make up this incomparable turntable.
Thanks to its design, which allows adding up to four tone arms, the INVICTUS can be equipped with just about any tone arm available, enabling unprecedented flexibility while fulfilling the most stringent requirements. The INVICTUS ground base consists of an elaborately milled bottom part, optimized according to the latest scientific on mechanics and using the finite elements method for stiffness and low vibration, covered by a perfectly milled top plate on which the actual INVICTUS chassis rests.

The INVICTUS itself is a work of art and able to offer a perfect basis for up to four tone arms at the same time. The 3-layer aluminum and brass sandwich platter is entirely new and uses CLD-technology. A highly damped platter with high rotational energy. 54 Silencers with their vibration absorption add that last iota of perfection. Another step ahead in sound quality.

And the difference between it and other rivals isn’t trivial or a matter of nuance. Looking at our Tidorfolon-bearing, whoever has an eye for things special will recognize immediately how this hand adjusted bearing is virtually perfect for guiding the platter with almost no slackness and, at the same time, no friction and no noise. Enthusiasts and experts around the world appreciate and admire our Tidorfolon-bearing for its precision and legendary reliability. It is always manufactured with the greatest love for detail and precision.

Another very important component for an extraordinary turntable is the motor. To develope it, we made a completely fresh start and put in our 20 years of experience. The result is a 6-motordrive moving a tapered sub platter that bears the Silencer platter. Thanks to the 6 motors, the platter gets enormous power for quick run-up and stable speed. The circular arrangement around the bearing completely avoids tension on the bearing, so that it can run perfectly centered.
At the end, the result is a dramatic improvement. Just good enough to go into the INVICTUS. The INVICTUS is our statement in turntable building, and that compares favorably even with much more expensive products. Each one of my 22 co-workers has given their best for the INVICTUS and we are very proud of that.


800 mm x 1210 mm x 730 mm with stand
800 mm x 350 mm x 730 mm turntable only


turntable 143 kg / stand 168 kg / total 311 kg

Drive System

6 motor drive DSP controller

Speed range

33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM, 78 RPM as option

Power adapter

Internal AC to DC power adapter (in Digital Motor Control DMC2+)
Input: 100 V to 260 V AC 50Hz
Optional: DC-Input 24 V via XLR 5 pin-connector


High precision Tidorfolon-bearing


Massive aluminum chassis with silencer sandwich plate


Platter in sandwich construction aluminium-brass-aluminum, with silencer technology, Ø 345 mm

Tone arm base

up to four tone arms, designed to fit to customers tone arm


the absolute sound 2016-08