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review by AUDIOTECHNIQUE: Conclusion: “After many times of experiences, I deeply understand that, it is up to the turntable that whether or not the full information in a vinyl can be retrieved. While to be more precisely speaking, it should also including the tonearm, the cartridge, the phono cable and the phono amp as a system to bring the performance. Of all the elements, turntable as the foundation of all components mounted on to, plays the most important role in it. You could never expect the authentic when even the basic is not solid, not to mention the possibility to tell the quality of a record.”
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Double X

We at ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE built excellent turntables – real mechanical masterpieces – for more than 20 years now. The DOUBLE X was designed to offer a product to music lovers looking for a more classic and traditional design. The used wooden veneer is covered with a 10 layer piano finish.

Beside this elegant look the DOUBLE X is full of modern technologies and ideas. It comes with a sandwich design of the plinth made from steel and aluminum and wood. This clever arranged sandwich results in high internal damping and great sonic performance. It‘s all combined with the award-winning performance, elegance, convenience and comfort that have made our mass turntable series so successful all over the world.

At the new DOUBLE X we combine a massive sandwich plinth of 60 mm with a 50 mm massive aluminum platter. The sandwich is made by using laser cutting and flexible glue.

The DOUBLE X comes with a precisely manufactured 11 kg aluminum platter. The platter is additionally coated on the back side with a high damping material to get great results. An 8-Silencer-platter is part of the DOUBLE X design.

We at ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE believe that a motor system for a turntable should have enough energy to speed up the platter but not influence him during rotation. We reach that aim by using a precision DC-motor with a internal speed control.