WOW XL is the father to the family of our german precision-engineered turntables of the WOW-Series. WOW XL offers stunning design with stainless steel buttons perfectly arranged on a 10 mm massive aluminum plate all together bonded to a 25 mm high gloss wooden-plinth.

The WOW XL comes with a precisely manufactured 6,5 kg aluminum platter. Being produced out of a solid piece of soft aluminum to lower his resonance behavior. The platter is additionally coated on the back side with a high damping material to get great results. This high weight in combination with the smooth running Tidorfolon-bearing is one unique reason of the great music experience the WOW XL provides.

The Tidorfolon platter bearing is the heart of every turntable and ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE has invented this bearing with the ideal performance characteristics of exact fit, extremely low noise, very low friction and long term stability. The engine system is absolute stable in rotation speed and also easy to use and reliable. The WOW XL has exchangeable arm boards. So the mounting of nearly every 9 inch arm is no problem.


155 x 430 x 340


approx. 14 kg

Drive System

1 Synchron motor, electroically driven, internal motor electronic

Speed Range

33 1/3 UPM, 45 UPM with BetaDIG Motor Electronic

Power Supply

external Wall plug in Type Power Adapter
Input 100 to 264 V
Output 24V DC


High Precision Tidorfolon II Bearing


25 mm Plinth, Black high Gloss, Top Cover 10 mm Aluminum


Aluminium Platter 34mm, 6.3 kg weight

Power supply

115 V or 230 V


silver or black anodized
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