Tone arm TA-500

The TA-500 is a precisely manufactured precision-bearing 9 inch tone arm. The precision miniature ball bearings used are from manufacturer SKF. The bearings are added with minimal pre pressure for zero backlash to achieve a minimum friction and maximum stability.

The armtube is a custom made dual carbon tube. This creates a very rigid tube but still having a high damping and resonance. The TA-500 is only available with 5 pin connector and a Audioquest 5 pin cable is supplied with the arm.

Cartridge balance range

4 g – 16.0 g

Zero Point inner DIA
Zero Point outer DIA

61.0 mm
121.0 mm

Signal Cable

Copper, 5 pin plug


15 mm

Effective length

237 mm

Mounting Distance (Distance from pivot to center of platter)

222 mm

Tilt Angle (depends on cartridge)

22.00 °

Effective mass

10.2 g

Total weight

585 g

Tone arm mounting versions

Rega Style or SME