Tone arm TA-1000

At our classic bestseller the TA-1000 we only use precision miniature bearings from the manufacturer SKF. The bearings are ultra-precisely adjusted during the production process. The bearings are added with minimal pre pressure for zero backlash to achieve a minimum friction and maximum stability. When it comes to arm tubes – 2 mutually exclusive conditions need to be combined. Maximum stiffness and low resonance achieved by internal damping. Very stiff materials are hard and therefore very susceptible to resonances.

The solution is a custom made dual carbon tube. The two pipes are joined by connecting elements. This creates a very rigid tube with a high internal damping and resonance.

The TA-1000 uses a Mogami cable for internal wiring and a 5 pin connector. To set up a pickup perfect it is required to compensate the possible misalignments of the stylus.

The TA-1000 allows you to exactly adjust the Azimut angle. For this you simply open 3 small screws and then the arm tube can be swiveled for ± 5 degrees so the angle can be adjusted perfect for each cartridge. If these screws are again tightened the arm tube sits stiff and perfectly adjusted. This mechanical piece of art is available in 9, 10 and 12 inch length.

Cartridge balance range

4 g – 16.0 g

Zero Point inner DIA
Zero Point outer DIA

61.0 mm
121.0 mm

Signal Cable

1.5 m direct wire or 5 pin plug


15 mm (9 imch)
16.2 mm (10 inch)
12.56 mm (12 inch)

Total length

252 mm (9 inch)
270.2 mm (10 inch)
330.66 mm (12 inch)

Effective length

237 mm (9 inch)
254 mm (10 inch)
318.1 mm (12 inch)

Distance (Distance from pivot to stylus)

222 mm (9 inch)
237.8 mm (10 inch)
295.6 mm (12 inch)

Tilt Angle

22.00 ° (9 inch)
21.60 ° (10 inch)
17.30 ° (12 inch)

Effective mass

9.3 g (9 inch)
9.7 g (10 inch)
12.3 g (12 inch)

Total weight

575 g (9 inch)
585 g (10 inch)
600 g (12 inch)

Tone arm mounting

Rega Style or SME
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HighFidelity Poland 2019-01