Tone arm TA-700

The ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE TA-700 is a full aluminum design 9 inch tonearm. All the experience we have is built into this magic tonearm. We use bearings from a well-known Japanese Manufacturer. All bearings are closed versions to ensure no dirt or dust is affecting their lifetime.

The arm tube at the TA-700 is made from a pressed aluminum bar. This bar is very rigid because of the high pressure applied during manufacturing. Then we drill a hole into it and add the outside contour.

This creates a very rigid tube but still having a high damping and resonance poverty and it comes with reasonable low weight.

The TA-700 is equipped with a 5 pin connector in the arm shaft. The TA-700 comes with a easy to use height alignment construction.

Cartridge balance range

4 g – 16.0 g

Zero Point inner DIA
Zero Point outer DIA

61.0 mm
121.0 mm

Signal Cable



15 mm

Total length

252 mm

Effective length

237 mm

Distance (Distance from pivot to stylus)

222 mm

Tilt Angle

22.00 °

Effective mass

10.2 g

Total weight

680 g

Tone arm mounting

Rega Style or SME