Load S

The ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE record weight LOAD-S is a highly innovative design that eliminates record groove noise revealing a new level of musical performance. It is manufactured with our proprietary Silencer technology invented by acoustic signature.

The aluminum body is CNC lathed for perfect alignment and balance. The Silencers used at the LOAD-S are made of copper and absorb resonances very effective. They are pressed into the metal of the LOAD-S.

This record weight has a total mass of 715 gram and is designed to be used with a wide range of turntable from mid to high mass turntable designs (15 lb platter and higher).

For lighter constructions and sub-chassis players we suggest to use our regular LOAD. LOAD-S with its metal part manufactured from a high quality heat treated aluminum alloy is available in 3 colors: Silver or black anodized or high gloss non anodized. All versions of the LOAD-S deliver the same performance.

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