Challenger Mk3

The CHALLENGER MK3 turntable weighs in at 23 kg, to offer you our statement in entry level high mass turntable. With this latest CHALLENGER MK3 design, we bring together one of the most sophisticated external drive and power supply systems, with a massive high mass 50 mm thick platter, supported by a solid 40 mm thick chassis. The new CHALLENGER MK3 is a consequent improvement of the former design.

It‘s combined with the award-winning performance, elegance, convenience and comfort that have made our mass turntable series so successful all over the world. At the new CHALLENGER MK3 the massive aluminum platter is a perfect fit for the Tidorfolon-bearing spinning the platter. Up to 3 arms can be placed around the plinth and are easy adjustable.

Our digital motor electronic Beta-DIG provides perfect speed stability and easy operation. All parts together result in the sound of a CHALLENGER MK3 so outstanding for his price class. We at ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE believe that a motor system for a turntable should have enough energy to speed up the platter but not influence him during rotation. We reach that aim by using a European made synchronous motor with our own „State of the Art“-motor control.

This engine system is absolute stable in his rotation speed and in combination with the digital control easy to use and reliable. The CHALLENGER MK3 can handle up to 3 motors and three tonearms at the same time.

Technical Data


Drive Unit

1 synchronius motor, electronically regulated fully mains decoupled adjustable, Beta-DIG motor electronic, external power supply


high precision Tidorfolon-bearing rollerbushed and paired with axle


vibration damped chassis, 3 height adjustable feets, soft alloy for low resonance


high precison platter made of aluminum, 5 cm height,
9 kg weight

Speed Range

33 1/3 RPM, 45 UPM with motor electronic

Power Supply

230  or 115 V


440 x 180 x 350 mm, 21-25 kg weight, depending on extras